Simposio Internacional sobre Seguridad Eléctrica 


What is SISE?

The International Symposium on Electrical Safety (SISE in Spanish) is a scientific event that aims to improve the quality of work of professionals in the electricity sector.

The SISE gathers the electricity sector, those responsible for risk prevention and other professionals involved in occupational health and environmental prevention. The purpose is to share the latest innovations in electrical safety in the world.

Past events took place in countries such us Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina.  

Every year the SISE is co-organised by several institutions from the energy sector in Latin America and the Section for Electricity of the ISSA.


Objectives of the Symposium

  • Discuss issues that affect the safe work without health risks of electric field workers.
  • Collecting statistics on accidents of electrical origin.
  • Increase interest and motivation to avoid risk of electrical origin.
  • Present academic programs currently under development.
  • Learn about new equipment, technical advances and best practices for the safe development of the activities of the electrical field.
  • Promote and develop the exchange of information and experiences between professionals and technicians.
  • Provide contributions to the safety of users of electricity. Present the regulations on electrical safety.